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The Start

In the spring of 2013, Jay Williams poured his creativity into a unique graduation gift for his daughter Mara: a pair of hand-designed shoes that celebrated her valedictorian achievement. Little did he know, this personal gesture would spark a journey that would blossom into a brand that with customers across the US and abroad

Getting Noticed

Jay, inspired by sun-kissed Laguna, crafts eye-catching shoes that capture the town's vibrant soul.  Locals, especially the Laguna artist community, rock his creations, a curious reporter notices, interviews Jay for a lead story, and bam. More sales more awareness, Alma hits the radar of the LA Times. Another interview, another lead story and boom.

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Fashion World Embraces Alma

  • Exclusive Pelican Hill Resort produces a designer
    showcase event around Alma
  • Jay invited to lecture to fashion and design departments of several Southern California colleges.
  • Alma working with retail partner in West Africa to open up Nigerian and Cameroon

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