Graduation Gift to Shoe Company

What started as a personal project for a graduation gift has quickly evolved into a dynamic shoe company, and the journey has been nothing short of exhilarating. The gravitational pull of Alma Laguna has attracted some amazing talent, and countless friends have rolled up their sleeves to help make this dream a reality.

The Evolution of Alma Laguna

From the very beginning, Alma Laguna's unique and whimsical designs captured the attention of friends, family, and the local community. This sparked the idea that these designs could be more than just a gift—they could be the foundation of a brand. The initial momentum led to the formation of a dedicated team and the attraction of some incredible talent.

Building a Stellar Team

As Alma Laguna gained traction, it drew in remarkable individuals who brought invaluable expertise and fresh perspectives. A seasoned retail executive joined the team, offering years of experience and strategic insights. Additionally, a Forbes 30 Under 30 honoree came on board, infusing the company with innovative ideas and a forward-thinking approach.

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Alma Laguna's Exciting Journey

The Collective Intelligence

The growth of Alma Laguna has been a collaborative effort, with a collective intelligence shaping the strategy. It was collectively decided to pause public engagement until the brand was fully prepared for growth. This decision allowed the team to focus on refining every aspect of the business, from product design to marketing strategies.

Behind the Scenes: Hard Work and Dedication

Over the past months, the team has been diligently working on creating marketing and brand content for an upcoming marketing push. This included countless calls with factories to refine processes and redefine packaging and branding. Conversations with lawyers ensured that all legal aspects were meticulously handled, and a key partner for online marketing execution was established.

Simplifying the Brand Experience

In an effort to streamline the buying experience and strengthen the brand relationship, Alma Laguna has reduced the number of designs available at any one time. This strategic move simplifies the product offerings and allows for a more focused and curated selection for customers.

Preparing for the Future

As Alma Laguna prepares for its official public launch, the excitement is palpable. The hard work, dedication, and collaboration have positioned the brand for a successful entry into the market. The upcoming marketing push will introduce Alma Laguna's unique designs to a broader audience, and the brand is ready to make a significant impact.

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